47 thoughts on “girls irl

  1. Can’t forget some random bible quote on the wall or some random deep quote like ” A ship in the harbor is safe but that is not what ships are for.”


    Red flag anytime you see any of this in a girl’s room, unless of course you’re into that stuff…then by all means: marry her.

  2. Don’t forget black and white family photo collages on every wall. And inspirational quote pillows. And the stick-on “hand-painted” wall decor. How else will everyone know what a good person you are and how family is your top priority? (Full disclosure: Most of the people I’ve personally known with this decorating style were assholes. I might be bitter.)

  3. I saw them in all of my moms church friends kitchens when i was growing up. I always thought it was a kitchen requirement. I’m happy to say my kitchen doesnt have one.

  4. I actually have one but it’s only cause it was big enough for me to fit a plant and some random shit I can’t put into boxes like glass figurines. I do gotta say, I wish it didn t say that. I normally say it as, “live laugh loser” oof

  5. The Male version of this would be a blank wall, so I’m not sure how much room anyone has to talk on this one.

  6. To everyone who reads this, please look up Hovey Benjamin, he does meme raps and one of his songs is called Live Laugh Love and it’s actually fire. Go check him out he’s a small indie rapper that’s slept on.

  7. I have one but it says “live laugh lube” with a strange font so you won’t notice it at first

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