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  1. Can’t forget some random bible quote on the wall or some random deep quote like ” A ship in the harbor is safe but that is not what ships are for.”


    Red flag anytime you see any of this in a girl’s room, unless of course you’re into that stuff…then by all means: marry her.

  2. I want one for the bathroom that says POOP.

  3. Always loved in GTA 5 where Trevor crosses this out and wrote. Eat. Shit. Die.

  4. Don’t forget black and white family photo collages on every wall. And inspirational quote pillows. And the stick-on “hand-painted” wall decor. How else will everyone know what a good person you are and how family is your top priority? (Full disclosure: Most of the people I’ve personally known with this decorating style were assholes. I might be bitter.)

  5. no its how i would live my life if i wasnt crying, screaming, hating

  6. I saw them in all of my moms church friends kitchens when i was growing up. I always thought it was a kitchen requirement. I’m happy to say my kitchen doesnt have one.

  7. I swear my sister has this shit all over the place

  8. I actually have one but it’s only cause it was big enough for me to fit a plant and some random shit I can’t put into boxes like glass figurines. I do gotta say, I wish it didn t say that. I normally say it as, “live laugh loser” oof

  9. Don’t insult my mother ever again or we’re gonna have a problem

  10. The Male version of this would be a blank wall, so I’m not sure how much room anyone has to talk on this one.

  11. Lmaooo! A girl I briefly date had this exact same fucking sign right in the entry of her apt

  12. Asian old women do the same and call it Feng Shui

  13. My black mother has this and I look at it everytime I go to the kitchen and frown.

  14. We have one in kitchen. Word on the street is: makes a good fire starter.

  15. Those 3 lame L’s were on a bumper sticker I saw today

  16. I can vouch, I’m the sign in the living room

  17. Dont forget the 3 times the necessary pillow on the lounge

  18. That goes right next to my scrapbooking collection and my Jane Austen novels

  19. Cannot even say how many houses I have seen with this in it.

  20. GTA 5 had the best use of this quote, in my opinion

  21. I had this on my phone in 2007, but I’m fairness my brain wasn’t fully formed yet

  22. Tbh I’m a white female, and I hate that fuckin shit. So flippin cringey.

  23. To everyone who reads this, please look up Hovey Benjamin, he does meme raps and one of his songs is called Live Laugh Love and it’s actually fire. Go check him out he’s a small indie rapper that’s slept on.

  24. I don’t understand why is it “white women” instead of just “women”

  25. I have one but it says “live laugh lube” with a strange font so you won’t notice it at first

  26. LOL I just asked my mom the other day why she has so many of these. I see it everywhere.

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