Mom i can’t fall asleep

Meme about Mom i can't fall asleep

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25 Comments on “Mom i can’t fall asleep

  1. Welp it’s 1:08 AM and it’s kinda too late lol

  2. At least turn night mode on and jack up the warm tone.

  3. Oof 100 🙁

    this legit makes me sad for some reason…smh

  4. Who is the author of this comic, and those styled just the same?

  5. There seem to be a figure outsude the window

  6. it’s eerily accurate tbh because it’s more common in our current society


  7. In that case I won’t be asleep untilllll about 10 hours from now

  8. This doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I lay in bed for several hours trying to fall asleep

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