48 thoughts on “We all need doctors

  1. If he did 8 successful surgeries, than he clearly knew what he was doing. He should get a PHD.

  2. This just proves what I’ve always been saying. You can do anything as long as there is a you tube video on it 😂

  3. I don’t understand why people like him are arrested they are doing a good job just give them some education if they doin good

  4. Its just like when a Doctor spent hours to save someones life and they ended up thanking God..

  5. “Health committee, chaired by Norbert Maiyo, called on the government to train Melly and allow him to continue working.”

  6. Hell give the guy a license if he’s saving lives in kenya. A piece of paper does not take away the knowledge and ability it takes to perform multiple successful surgeries.

  7. Honestly if you can perform 8 successful surgeries and not even have your credentials, you deserve the job

  8. I’m so grateful this horrible man is behind bars. Now to get back to the “10 celebrities who did horrible crimes!” video I was watching

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