42 thoughts on “I’m not very…strategic

  1. i converted a city of my friend in civ.

    he immediately declared war, and the dick-measuring hasn’t stopped since.

  2. This reminds of a quote or some shit from other armies it was something like:the reason Americans are so hard to fight is because war is chaos, and they train in chaos every day”

  3. In Spider-Man, anytime I got a sneak mission when I wasn’t playing another character, I would fail the mission, and then beat the living crap out of all the enemies

  4. my method for RTS games is just build up a giant army then nuke the enemy base with them.

    i dont play too many RTS games

  5. reminded me that i played chess with the BF a few weeks ago for the first time. i have never identified with the joker so much! great stuff OP

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