30 thoughts on “Every single time

  1. Is it just me or those butterfly therapist suddenly sound reasonable as soon as u here “stay at home astronaut”

  2. Or: we need a house with a huge yard but downtown that’s close to work and school with a pool and four bedrooms. It needs to have classic charm and be new construction Our budget is $450 a month.

  3. Man: I’m a snail pediatrician

    women: I’m a professional chalkboard scratcher

    our budget is 9 Mill.

  4. Let’s see what Lori Jo can do, on today’s episode of “You Don’t Deserve A Beach House”

  5. Waluigi knows you stole this meme from john mulaney.


    Its chill he wont tell anyone but he wants you to know its obvious.

  6. I restring toy ukuleles and my wife sells gently used toothbrushes on Etsy. Our budget is 2.3m.

  7. My Neighbour teaches Blind tennis and his wife is an art consultant.

    The reason you can get a mental job is because your family finance everything and run in very odd circles so you get weird jobs.

  8. I always thought the reason for this is because they don’t want to doxx themselves by revealing their real names or jobs on the show so they just make shit up even if it sounds ridiculous

  9. Guy really likes house 1, girl is not enthusiastic about it.

    Girl really likes house 2, guy is not enthusiastic about it.

    They both hate house 3, and it’s way over budget.

    Which one do they choose?

    House 3

    Every. Single. Time.

  10. No I don’t like the obsidian counter tops, they don’t pair well with our human skin lampshades in the living room.

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