36 thoughts on “Tony Stark is a redditor

  1. Our reach is far next you know tom Holland is going to be spouting reddit memes, if he doesn’t already that is.

  2. Watch, the Russo bros. are going to edit it to make it look like Hawkeye is going to shoot Ant Man into Thanos’ butt, but he misses and the crowd’s gonna go wild like, ” OMG, THEY REFERENCED IT, I’M LITERALLY CRYING.”

  3. I had a dream this was going to happen last night, and I’m not even remotely joking.

    Yes…I’m psychic.

  4. The real mystery is that he is one of us. He could be you, he could be me or, he could be all of us

  5. Imagine AntMan going up Thanos’ butt actually happends and we end up accidently spoiling the whole movie by accident

    Oh wait I’m getting word that this is a well known meme and not a spoiler.

    But no spoilers pleeease after the movie comes out for at least a week. Thanks. (This is towards everyone in general, not OP)

  7. Entering an avengers post when there’s massive real spoilers flying around.

    it’s a bold move cotton.

  8. Why does reddit take credit for almost all memes? The only memes I see on Reddit never go out of Reddit but every other meme I see on other social platforms are memes I don’t see on Reddit but still get claimed by Reddit?

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