32 thoughts on “I see where our future is going.

  1. Yeah I see your problem right here… the AI is becoming intelligent and self aware therefore I expect complete world domination in about 5 business days.

  2. She got a UAE citizenship! People who are born in UAE don’t even get it! How better does she want to be treated?!

  3. If they took time to give her tits – why wouldn’t they take time to give her some God damn hair.
    She’s so human she’s got that robo-cancer.

  4. Does no one watch Black Mirror? I don’t want a scary robot with feelings living in my attic because I’m too scared to “kill” it.

  5. well. They set her up on the Internet now we don’t know if it has feelings or not because it learnt that it’s supposed to fear death.

  6. I think Hollywood has foreshadowed enough about how this is going to end, unplug her and seriously, why the tits, no sense at all, unless of course….her creator has a hidden function installed.

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