27 thoughts on “Difficult childhood choices

  1. Well Mega Swampert does have the highest total base iv out of all the starter mega evos so its a pretty good pick either way

  2. Bruh, I chose squirrel because he looked like a turtle, didn’t even know how the game was played.

  3. woah there bucko. i’m like 99% sure i saw this on either comment awards or ddm i don’t remember

  4. Literally, I picked him cause I liked blue. It was the game boy advance ruby version, and my first ever Pokemon game. AND I JUST HAPPENED TO PICK LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST POKEMON YOU CAN HAVE. Needless to say, when Alpha sapphire came out, I instantly bought it. Because Groudon was always way too easy to beat.

  5. Pokemon is fucking easy no matter what starter you pick. Just use TMs and two of your brain cells and you’ll be the master in no time. (also mudkips the best water starter)

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