42 thoughts on “Hukuna Ma tatas

  1. By her logic, wouldnt it be sexist if it revolved around women because that shows men cant lead? Lol

  2. And its a kids movie about a lion who learns responsibility after its dad is killed by a fucking stampede

  3. This was a direct copy of Hamlet into animation. What’s the feminist crowd gonna do now? Roll up at Shakespeare’s grave, defile the tomb and give 2 slaps for not giving equal representation in his work?

    There’s a limit to everything honestly

  4. It’s biology, this is probably a massive topic in buzzfeed because they have nothing better to do.

  5. Wow hunger games is also sexist. They follow Catniss but they don’t follow peeta. And Hunger Games? Does that mean that not hungry people can’t?

  6. Another fake-feminist not catching a break that feminists stride for equality and not women oppressment? Kill her.

  7. Why does she think the world revolves around women and that if a movie doesn’t make her gender feel powerful then it’s misogynistic

  8. Someone does not understand the concept of nature.

    ‘Just because you have the power of speech does not mean you are smart’

  9. Clearly whoever wrote that doesn’t know that The Lion King is based off Hamlet by William Shakespeare, which features a male protagonist

  10. And now lets talk about Snow White, Cinderella, Frozen, Moana, Mulan and Sleeping Beauty…

  11. Women can’t lead because they are too emotional to make tough and pressured decisions. Sorry feminists that women are the loving people in the world and men fight for women.

  12. No one wants to talk about how Nala and Simba were likely siblings and that this is a picture of incest?

  13. I’m glad we had lion king, before it we never had great lion’s to look up too! Now I can go out and rule my own kingdom 👑🦁

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