28 thoughts on “Ah goo lagoon

  1. the goo lagoon makes sense-ish, since lower viscosity fluids do settle in pools under the ocean.


    Underwater fires though… or why then all walk on the floor, and nobody swims up or jumps high…. Those are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

  2. spongebob is a sponge. he absorbs water. he also lives under water. thus, he should be a big fat boi and everyone else should be shriveled up dead

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  4. But what if the water in Goo Lagoon is just an air pocket making it seem as if the air is holding up the water, so it would make sense that spongebob would drown. But would it be dry drowning? I think I’m over analyzing.

  5. Ok so ya a lot of the logic in spongebob is wack, but not Goo Lagoon. Goo Lagoons a pit of mud. The narrator says that in the beginning of an episode.

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