5 thoughts on “And the new trade deal won’t pay for it either

  1. The trade deal he speaks of isn’t even ratified yet, mexico, canada, and the US signed an agreement that they would do a new deal but nothing has been officially signed or put into action by any of the countries. Not only that, but most experts were saying that the deal was basically the exact same as the original nafta but it now had a new name – USMCA. NAFTA is still in effect until USMCA is ratified, but who the hell knows when that’ll be.

    There are issues, for example mexico refuses to ratify the USMCA unless the US get rid of steel and aluminum tariffs. It’s far from a done deal and there’s no chance in hell it’s going to be signed and ratified if it has enough trade manipulation that it costs mexico or canada hundreds of billions of dollars.

    Con artist bullshit as usual.

  2. This is exactly why Democrats shouldn’t cave on the shutdown. American taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for this wall when Trump said Mexico would fund it.

  3. Dont you understand that saying you plan to do something and then having that plan not work is NOT WHAT A FUCKING LIE IS!!!!

    A lie is when you say one thing, knowing for certain that something else is true.

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