13 thoughts on “Funniest thing I read all day

  1. I’d like to be remembered as having a six-pack and being hung like an argentine lake duck.

  2. Bitch! You’ll be remembered as the person who looks like the captain of the softball team!

  3. To paraphrase Ted Lieu from recent news: *If you want a positive history, then do positive things!*

    To put words into Jim Acosta’s mouth: *Lo*0*k, you can’t put out doctored videos and falsely accuse good people of bad things without that blowback mangling your cheap, plastic facade…*

  4. I hope people remeber me at all. Like in ten years somebody just goes I wonder what badvegas is doing right now.

  5. Do you think she thinks she’s honest? That’s what’s getting to me. What if she doesn’t know she lying?

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