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  1. I could see this backfiring badly for Coulter (at least for the racist subtext she’s trying to push). I would bet a significant portion of people who could claim all four grandparents were born here are African-Americans, due to America’s history of slavery.

    That, coupled with a large influx of white immigrants in the early 20th century and another legacy of racism, aversion to interracial marriage, would lead me to believe that most of those white immigrants would tend to marry other white people, further diluting the percentage of white third-generation Americans today.

    Of course, Coulter’s tweet only said that Trump would win in a landslide, nothing explicitly about race. But she is trying to exclude immigrants from the voting pool, which today is a hot-button race-related issue.

    The funny thing is, I expect that her fantasy electorate she describes here would have a much higher share of African American voters, only 8% of whom voted for Trump.

    Edit: I found a source essentially confirming this, except the data is almost 20 years old. 75% of African Americans reported having all grandparents born here, compared to only 58% of Whites and 13% of Hispanics. The demographics of the country have changed a lot since 2001, though. I wonder if there’s anything newer for a more accurate comparison.


  2. > Ann Hart Coulter was born on December 8, 1961, in New York City, to John Vincent Coulter (1926–2008), an FBI agent of Irish–German heritage [Wiki](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Coulter#Early_life)

    I have a feeling Ann Coulter wouldn’t qualify either.


  3. I’ll bet she means “white” people with 4 grandparents born in America. That’s normally what people like her think.

    Hey, why not limit it to only people with 20 generations born in America. Darn not a lot of white people in that category.

  4. Jesus Christ, they’re trying to bring the fucking Grandfather Clause back? How desperate is the GOP getting?

  5. I wonder what percentage of people in the US even fit that description. I imagine it isn’t a lot.

  6. At least 4 grandparents? So you can just start accummulating more?

    Polygamy families are gonna win at this.

  7. Growing up (I’m old) we were always told this was a melting pot nation.

    I resent the idea that where someone’s grandparents were born makes them more or less of an American and mine were born in the US.

    You aren’t more or less of a citizen based on ancestry. A person whose distant relatives fought in the revolutionary war isn’t more of a citizen than someone who took the oath last week. Fuck off, weird vampire lady.

  8. If only people whose IQ is higher than room temperature could vote, Donald Trump would not have won a single state.

  9. I’m confused about her specific use of the language with _”at least” four grandparents_. How is it possible to have more than four? Let’s say you have one mother, one father, your father also has one mother and one father, so does your mother. That’s four grandparents. I am not sure how you can have more than four grandparents.

    This woman doesn’t seem smart. ^(I’m not American.)

  10. This was literally a Nazi purity test they used on Jews. Ann knows exactly what she’s saying and who’s picking up on it.

  11. Everyone has exactly 4 grandparents. No more. No less. “At least…” makes no goddamn sense.

    And don’t gimme the “Uncle Jim raised my mom so he’s my grandfather by second marriage” shit. I’m talking biologically. Everyone got 4.

  12. I am a Mayflower descendant but my paternal grandmother was born in France and came over here after World War I.

  13. Let’s remove Republican officials who don’t have at least four grandparents born in the United States instead. Enjoy civilian life, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio!

  14. “At least 4 grandparents”, I’m pretty sure you can’t have more than 4 grandparents without them being great-grandparents

  15. I have more grandparents born in this country than Coulter, Trump and his cabinet put together. I believe our strength lies in the fact that that we grant asylum to those who need it, and certainly from the overarching whiteness of a parasitic faux intellectual like Ann Coulter.

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