23 thoughts on “A meme I made in reference to u/simplelifestyle post earlier today “Fox News ‘Exposing’ AOC”

  1. They aren’t good for the super rich, the super hateful and the people who think the world will end in 10 years.

    You know, Fox’s base

  2. I would never say this to her face but AOC is a wonderful person and a gifted congresswoman

  3. You know in a weird way this has given me more hope for the future than anything else in recent political memory. Fox actually just put her platform on their network. You can choose to agree or disagree with the platform. That’s how things are supposed to work.

  4. Trump’s base: but these are all the ways we keep the colored folk in line. It’ll be hard thinking of new ways to do that.

  5. I’d like to add something:

    Recognize the international criminal court and extradite all personnel involved in family separation.

  6. Things is, we do not have the money to afford free healthcare for all. So it would require raising everyone’s taxes, not just the 1%.

    Housing as a human right sounds great and all but it could cause more harm than good. What happens when you stick someone with no skills and no motivation in a free house? They will just mess it up. It would cost an astronomical amount to provide upkeep and maintenance on those homes, because by law they would have to be habitable.

    No idea currently what she means by a federal jobs guarantee. I can only imagine it means that those with a federal job will always be paid no matter the situation with the budget. I can agree with that.

    Most prisons are not private prisons. Only about 9% of prisoners are in a private prison. It really isn’t that big of a problem right now. Yeah some changes are needed, but the situation isn’t really all that bad right now. They get better food than our public schools, there are education opportunities, there is free healthcare there, and as long as you don’t mess up you can get a bunch of amenities.

    I think we need to be harder on illegal immigration, but need to analyze legal immigration and take out any unneeded bottlenecks for people with skillsets that are in demand.

    Climate change is real. But I think we are missing big pieces of it. We need more research on it. We also need to put pressure on China and other 2nd/3rd world countries that continue to mass produce airborn toxins and greenhouse gases.

    I can agree with campaign financing being pretty messed up with PACs and other loopholes to buy out candidates.

    Women have all the rights that men have. Unless you are talking abortion. That gets complex and isn’t as simple a subject as women’s rights. Because children have rights too. We should probably just find a line and stick to it.

    Believe it or not, most people support LGBT. Maybe not the “organization” LGBT due to how crass and fucked up they have been lately but as far as LGBT rights are concerned, most people support them. You are really only screaming at the extreme people saying that you want what you already have and what will not be taken away from you.

    What is “Support Seniors” even supposed to mean? Is it just something to fill the screen?

    I disagree with the glass steagall act. It doesn’t really make sense. Yeah it might be safer but it wouldn’t protect very many people today. In fact. It would only really protect rich people. The very same you claim need to give up more of their money.

  7. Because unless you have a vault full of leprechaun gold and unicorn farts this ain’t getting paid for

  8. Free College?! How can we pay for that? We’re already spending billions of dollars fighting multiple Wars and keep it congressmen in million-dollar mansions!

  9. Because of like Venezuela Waah!, Venezuela Waah!, man

    edit: Venezuela Waah is dog whistle for s-o-c-i-a-l-i-s-m. Oh, mah, pearls!!!

  10. Idk chief i feel like there are definitely valid reasons for not wanting ICE to be abolished

  11. one literally says “immigration justice”.

    Like…. are there people who’s protest signs read “injustice now” ?

  12. I agree with everything except abolishing ICE, it’s an unfortunately necessary organization to enforce the law. Their practices have been somewhat shady, but that’s due to leadership rather than the organization

  13. Sweden did all that in the 70s and 80s until they went bankrupt and realized it did not work

    Then they implemented school choice, privatized everything and went back on track

  14. Removing your ability to defend yourself from enemies foreign and domestic sounds like a good idea? Weird.

  15. She has excellent policies, her problem is she’s to loud. Mitch McConnell is the most evil little bastard that ever was, but he’s quite and he’s just sits there being a turtle and nobody talks about him. It’s probably to late but if she wants to get shit done, I don’t thing yelling about it is the best idea.

  16. Everyone’s platform looks like good ideas. It’s the execution of said ideas that can be fucking stupid. You are acting like Fox is always biased.

  17. It’s a bad ideas, because having good intentions is not enough. Everyone with an ounce of brain would realize that it is not sustainable. Look at soviet union, look at venezuela, this plan will destroy US in no time.

    Edit: to the kind downvoter, make your argument please.

  18. the image conveniently seems to leave out the part about banning air travel and paying people unwilling to work?

    EDIT: I’ve cause a bit of butthurt. leaving it

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