17 thoughts on “Fake News Fox

  1. I didn’t think it possible but OAN might be worse. The unadulterated hackery is amazing. They did a whole segment on the New Green Deal talking about how it would destroy America, was as socialistic as something Stalin would enjoy and how it would destroy nearly every job in america without once saying what was in it.

  2. True but not funny. You still have to get the “comedy” part of political comedy. Your jokes seem like they’d be made by a 40 year old mom on facebook

  3. Your “reality” picture is obviously exaggerated as well. So you’re making fun of Fox News, and yourselves.

  4. Love how the left pretends that Fox news somehow is the bastion of “fake news”, yet regularly cites such credible sources such as Buzzfeed and CNN, despite being burned by their BS a dozen times already.

  5. Are people intentionally flooding this sub with trash ””””humour”””” to try and make the anti-Trump side look bad?

    Because I cannot wrap my head around the idea of people actually finding this sub funny in the last couple of months.

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