13 thoughts on “I don’t see a pattern.

  1. Notice you don’t see Bush Sr. He actually raised taxes after promising not to. The result was that the republican party turned on him and it likely cost him reelection. The man could do basic math.

  2. Nixon also used the State of the Union address to attempt to stop Watergate investigations like Trump recently warned against “ridiculous partisan investigations.”

    I don’t see a pattern.

  3. Reagan tax cuts allowed for 8% gdp growth, however, some economist would argue that it was due to low interest rates as well as large amounts of military spending. Bush tax cuts delayed the recession by about 5 years but its impact was a lot worse. Moreover, could potentially work, but the tax came way to early. Lastly, this is why you elect Democrats!

  4. Next Democratic President will fix all the things Trump did and Republicans will forget that as soon as they can and pick another idiot 8 years later.

  5. look up the the amount of tax revenue taken in before and after the Regan tax cuts and look at the tax revenues after it was replaced

  6. Ok. Like, you might have a point but can we consider this for one second. Just one second. OK? Here. This will blow your mind:

    Her emails.

  7. You don’t “pay for taxcuts” because tax cuts are not an expenditure they’re american tax payers keeping more of the money THEY earned.

  8. wtf you talking about? the usa was a crappy country back in the 70s and Reagan transformed it in the biggest superpower ever. The USA is the biggest motherfucker in the world thanks to these guys

  9. Socialists: we need to keep giving them power so that we can destroy the global economy and finally implement our socialist revolution.

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