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  1. Pretty sure the stahlhelm wasn’t used in that model until ww2, so the comic is prob a tad younger? Could be wrong tho

  2. Except, 16% of the federal budget goes to Military. And 50% goes to Medicare, medicaid, and social security.

  3. I feel like there is some very important context missing.

    Yes war gets a lot of funding but between medicare, medicaid and, obamacare quite a bit of funding goes to healthcare.

    Education is handled at the state level or even lower at the city level and thus doesn’t draw from even remotely similar budgets. Higher ed is generally split between state level and the national government and the United States still has the finest system of universities on the planet. This is evident by the shear number of people who come to the US specifically to attend university.

    In terms of science all of those universities and land grants means that the US produces the most research papers by a wide margin. Many of the sciences are bolstered by private industry. There have been some serious medical breakthroughs by drug companies, companies like Intel and IBM have been maintaining Moore’s law for decades, and many other companies fund research at the University level through grants.

    The arts have never received large amounts of funds through the government but that is probably for the best. The government may be loathe to fund art that is anti-government or may pass up on great works of art simply out of premise. A rap musical about an obscure founding father sounds silly on paper but Hamilton is the biggest thing to happen to musicals in some time. Furthermore with cheaper equipment, crowdfunding platforms with less censorship, and a large population the amount of art being produced is at an all time high.

    Thank you for your time.

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