13 thoughts on ““Who is the president?” cognition test in the ICU

  1. A few days before my mil passed away from Alzheimer’s in December, before being transferred from a hospital to hospice, the staff asked her this too.

    She couldn’t recall his name so she took a few seconds and instead answered “nooooobody likes him.”

    30 seconds later she was back to drinking her imaginary cup of tea, but it was a pretty fucking perfect moment, and it happened to be one of the very last coherent things she’d ever say.

  2. I got overheated at an event I was catering for, and ended up passing out. When the paramedics asked me who the President was, they did accept my answer of ‘Orange Fuhrer’.

  3. Not to be vain or anything, but no one feels attractive after being holed up in the ICU for days on end. [Here are some slightly more flattering pictures of us,](https://imgur.com/a/Rtqyj0z) because let’s be real, I was lying just now when I said “not to be vain.”

  4. It’s great to see Matt can keep a sense of humor while not feeling well. Hope he’s doing better!

  5. I just find it crazy that you have to wonder if your insurance covers it, and then you have to take unpaid time off, even if it’s only a few days/weeks.

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