Democrats started the KKK

Democrats started the KKK Political Humor

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13 Comments on “Democrats started the KKK

  1. Such a stupid argument. Even if you are ignorent of history and unaware of the political flip that happened, your still recognizing that racisim is bad and a problem.

    Sooooo if Democrats can move on and become a progressive party, why is the GOP regressing?

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  3. Republicans like to pretend the Goldwater flip in the 60s never happened.

  4. Comparing the History Contrast …

    The Republican Eisenhower 1956 Presidential Platform , makes Republicans look like Socialists

  5. It’s the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” strategy. Winning!

  6. Republicans – always blaming others for their own actions and denying how hateful they are.

  7. I actually had someone yesterday, IN FUCKING CONNECTICUT, say the Democrats were the party of the current white nationalists, and Trump is their worst enemy.

    I don’t know how I don’t walk into the highway, or just shoot myself, but I think it’s just to see Trump’s downfall. I need this.

  8. I think this sub consists of Democrats posting memes then Republicans commenting.

  9. history is history man we cant rewrite it

    accept your roots

    accept your history

    dont try to delete it from minds of young people

    make them learn it so they dont repeat the same mistakes

  10. As most people from the south would tell you the confederate flag does not represent racism and bigotry for most it represents southern pride.

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