21 thoughts on “Only the smart ones…huh?

  1. I don’t think he will be shot. I think he’s going to spend lots of quality time in a federal prison.

  2. He’ll be a brand new person and everyone who voted for him will forget why they said they’d never vote for him again.

  3. I’m hoping for a game of thrones style bathroom shooting by Donny Jr. Crossbow and all

  4. Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consecutive terms and was given 2 presidential numbers(22 and 24). Presumably this Trump supporter is anticipating that Trump will serve a second term after a break, possibly to spend time in prison, possibly for another wholly innocent reason.

  5. So by that logic, Trump is already the 46th POTUS as Obama went in as 44 and must’ve left as 45th after his second term. Second term is something Trump won’t be getting.

  6. but are we counting 22 and 24 as the same person shifting everything down?

    I guess that would still make it 24, 34, and 44.

  7. Someone should just take a 3D printed gun and shoot his ass after all he supported the patent for it why not use it against him😂

  8. Interesting that Trump supporter won’t share his name. Like many of his president’s followers

  9. Of course it would be someone with the confederate flag as their profile picture that wouldnt know how the numbering of the Preisdents is done

  10. So wait, our country is like 300 years old. This guy thinks we’ve only had 45 total presidential elections? 45 x 4 = 180

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