8 thoughts on “Bold strategy

  1. Meanwhile he also says he’s the most productive and hard working president ever…..

    And last week another doctor’s report on how he’s in excellent health. You know, it’d be more believable if they put in at least a little something normal for a guy his age like, maybe he has slightly higher blood pressure or something, but they keep trying to pretend the guy is at peak health.

  2. Well, this requires a level of situational awareness simply not capable by the trumpers — they won’t get it

  3. Imagine if he were actually TRYING to destroy the country instead of just doing it between his 22 hours of executive time per day

  4. Hey! That’s hard work. Imagine how many channels you’d have to watch and how difficult it is to juggle a cell while trying to wipe. Maybe Donald’s porcelain throne has an automatic bidet to maximize available tweeting time?

  5. My greatest fear is that Trump was actually good at his job. Though, if you’re a bus driver who has secretly been hired to wreck the bus, not driving at all is only marginally better than intentionally hitting the wall.

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