Pandering to the stupid.

Pandering to the stupid. Political Humor

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22 Comments on “Pandering to the stupid.

  1. Every time the MSM breathlessly covers one of his dumb ass lie filled tweet declarations, I want to see a break down like this. Not just talking heads splitting hairs or arguing semantics. Call lies lies.

  2. Okay, any tumpers man enough to admit they fell for the above trump bullshit?

    what … none?

  3. He forgot to mention the two years that the GOP was in control of all the branches and did squat about his border wall and how it only became a “national emergency” when the Democrats took the House.

  4. This is a real bad tweet especially since it can be flipped for his wall.

  5. “Lol he’s just pretending to have dementia to troll the libs!”

  6. And why wasn’t Obama in the Oval Office on 9/11? I’d like to get to the bottom of that!

  7. “Also, why didn’t Obama do anything to stop 9-11 when he was President in 1999?”

  8. since it wasnt created until 2012, hes technically correct that they did nothing about it between 2008 and 2011, what a stable genius.

  9. I agree it’s an incredibly stupid tweet (as is his m.o.)…

    …but the #2 rebuttal is not accurate. Democrats technically retained Congressional control until Jan 3, 2011.

    Does 48 hours make “…-2011” misleading? Absolutely! But you can’t correct the election-vs-inauguration discrepancy for 2008/09 & then completely disregard it for 2010/11.

  10. Like, he’s LITERALLY just making this shit up, and Trumpers defend it to the death. He could take a dump on the floor, and lie about it, and Trumpers would support him. You could then physically rub their nose in it, and they’d say it was spoiled chocolate and I was a socialist.

  11. President moron and his idiot followers. We deserve better.

  12. So you mean everything is wrong with this tweet.

  13. What the person who made this failed to see is… how could Trump know any of that if he can’t read?

  14. I think that is why Trump supporters love him. They don’t care about facts, they do care about feelings. It feels like brown people are coming and hurting this country so they just spout out things that kind of sound factual but a minimal amount of research would find that they are full of shit.

    However they like to pretend that they are smart cause in reality, deep down, they know they are stupid. It is over compensation

  15. The problem is that the people with the memories of goldfish will just see the tweet and take it as truth. Twitter has no filter. It’s the perfect propaganda machine.

  16. This meme falls into his trap. If you’re explaining, you’re losing.

  17. Hahahahaha I get it, it’s funny cuz Trump is still your president

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