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  1. The funny thing is that the top picture implies there is a maximum amount of wealth a person can hold before it starts spilling towards other people. That’s entirely possible to effectively pull off in practice: just set a very high top marginal tax rate, like it was back in 1945, then spend that wealth on social services.

    But instead, they use the “Trickle Down” image to imply we should let the wealth of the rich build up without limit.

  2. This somewhat inaccurate, it’s missing the bit where the glasses on the bottom are cracking under the weight of ~~the bourgeois~~ the top glass.

  3. Reminds me of people claiming “we need to grow the pie” which, thankfully, seems to have fallen out of use. The pie analogy always made me think of that cut scene from Family Guy to [John Goodman’s starving family](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQTS8jQAhXs).

  4. Its funny how Republicans hate Socialists and Communists, but do everything that in the past has caused Socialist and Communist uprisings.

  5. Also, even if it did work, why the hell should the bottom glasses have to wait until the top glass is literally overflowing before they even begin to get filled? They’re the ones doing the work of lifting the top glass up so high!

  6. Yea, because human bank accounts aren’t FUCKING glasses. Turns out, humans have an infinite capacity for greed.

    If it wasn’t for the wealthy lobbying for this system, based purely on mathematics Trickle Down would have been laughed out of the room the second it was proposed ages ago and the economist who proposed it would have had his credentials revoked.

    Surprising absolutely no one, however, you’ll be willing to manipulate even the most obvious and basic of facts if it means maintaining power.

  7. Yeah why don’t these people at the top give more money to lower-skilled employees instead of employing way more people? I don’t understand how wealth and economics work so I’m mad that my boss didn’t give me a six-figure cash bonus.

  8. Not a glass of wine but a cocktail with a straw … for the pirates.

    [Why It Sucked to Be a Pirate](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORmUUhh6O-8) ~ Sam O’Nella Academy ~ Youtube

  9. It’s like one of those arcade games where you keep putting coins in thinking this will be the one that crowds them all enough to push a few over the edge. Except the edge has a deep trench with a lip like the greedy corporate tax cuts we see but can’t do shit about except vote. Please vote.

  10. The whole reason people start companies is to make money.

    The reason people who own companies hire people is to move money from the outside of the company to the inside. In order to cost efficient, the employee must bring in more money than it costs to employ them.

    When the government hands money to companies, the company’s primary goal (to make money) is achieved. So it has no reason to hire more people.

    When the government makes sure that the middle class (the part of the populous with the highest amount of purchasing power) has more money *and* the inclination to spend it, that means that there is more money available for companies to try to obtain. This encourages them to hire more people to pull in that money.

    Since those employees are part of the populous, this leads to a cycle of there being more money available, and encouraging job growth.

    It’s really not that difficult a concept to understand.

    **Edit:** Do people understand that this whole comment is *anti-*trickle-down economics?

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