16 thoughts on “Socialism is OK if it’s for the Rich

  1. the most anti-american family in the country. been saying this for years, they don’t hire security either, they make local cops do it. fuck the waltons and their drunk driving bullshit


  2. Nick Hanauer has some fantastic speeches and TED Talks. Highly recommend.


  3. I worked for a company that, if they had a bad revenue quarter, would just furlough all staff for 1-2 weeks. We could take it as unpaid time off or apply for unemployment.

    Basically they were making their revenue targets thanks to people’s savings and government welfare.

  4. Everyone in this thread is blaming Walmart. How can you expect a corporation to do anything but act in its own interest? You can’t.

    The real accountability lies with legislation, not some moral ideal projected on to a mega corp.

  5. Kind of but not really, with socialism, every member of society is looked after according to their needs, so that people shouldn’t be starving or homeless, and in a fit and healthy state to work a decent job and contribute to society.

    Corporations aren’t homeless, or starving, or even close to it. What’s happening here is money is being taken from the poor and given to the rich who don’t even need it. This is way worse than any perception of socialism as “bad” could ever be. This is making people homeless so reach people can put more money they’ll never use into bank accounts in the Caymans.

    That sounds a lot less like socialism and a lot more like pure evil, to me.

  6. Corporations are taxed on their income. They’re taxed when they buy goods and services. They’re taxed on the energy that they use. They’re taxed on their payroll. They’re taxed on the property that they own including their intellectual property. Every time they want to build something or enter a new market they are taxed and charged licensing fees. Their employees are taxed on their income, including dividends paid to the employee. Their employees are taxed when they buy goods and services. If the employees live in a house, they pay property tax and school tax from the income that the corporation pays to them, and which has already been taxed at least twice: before the employee received the income and as soon as he did receive it.

    Poor people generally pay no taxes beyond sales tax. Most poor people pay zero federal taxes. Most poor people get far more value from their local services than they pay into the system. For example, they get the benefit of the government repairing roads, funding public education, maintaining infrastructure, paying police and firefighters, paying criminal justice system personnel, like judges, district attorneys, public defenders, prison guards, etc.

    Look at it logically. When you see an engineering crew repairing a bridge or paving a road, who do you think is paying for that? Each one of those guys is making more than $40K a year. How much taxes do you think the average poor person pays, and compare that to the cost of a team of 10 guys working for three weeks to build a road. Who do you think is paying for that?

  7. Maybe the employees should do a worker strike and demand more pay, instead of getting the government involved.

  8. very astute … socialism for the rich should grow legs and live on in campaigns for the next 20 years

  9. Corporate welfare needs to end, but nobody is forcing you to work there. So, get a better job or open up your own business.

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