20 thoughts on “Funny how I haven’t seen any libertarians out shoveling the streets

  1. One of the benefits of living in a cold climate is that even the most obstinate of us Canadians still has to acknowledge that we have to face winter as a team.

  2. I’m at a bar on my 5th round and totaly read this as Liberians and thought, “wait, they don;t have snow in Liberia”

  3. Top comment because I’m not gonna defend libertarians! Snow plows for all! Miniature American flags for others!!

  4. My go to comment when dealing with “libertarians” is, “unfettered capitalism gave us the illegal drug trade.”

  5. You think that’s bad? My water comes from a communal reservoir. (shudders) It’s like there is socialism all around us.

  6. We will always be a democracy with socialism tied in. It’s always been like this. We have guaranteed public education, public transportation, fire departments, police departments, public libraries, social security etc.

    It’s ridiculous when you hear a republican fear a socialist country, again we will always be a democracy!

  7. I imagine Libertarians all send their kids outside to shovel snow and be enterprising. Unless they’re rich, in which case, no worries. Let the peasants work it out.

  8. All reasonable explanations refuting this post are getting downvoted to hell for no reason. You can’t “gotcha” libertarians like they completely forgot we need snowplows.

  9. actually OP your mistaken. a real Libertarian would be screaming about how “IT’S TECHNICALLY CALLED EPHEBOPHILIA!”

  10. On a spectrum people don’t see socialism like that, that bad. Most are against just the big things.

  11. I mean libertarians believe in a free market which would probably provide for privatized plow companies so

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