40 thoughts on “The Right

  1. White shooter: he was mentally ill, he does not represent any ideology.

    Non white shooter: their ideology and their community is spreading hate, ban them.

  2. Increase income inequality so that makes people not afford food, shelter or healthcare. Reduce access to mental health treatment. Give people with mental health issues guns. Blame it on “the others”. And all research tells us its linked to increased violence and other crime.

    But its the video games and music that’s the problem, despite all research telling us its not.

  3. “Well maybe the owners of social media should stop promoting white nationalism and. . . ”


  4. After reading about the Christchurch terror attack, I decided to go to the online epicenter of this thing. I knew it existed. But to say I was unprepared for the vile depravity and hatred on open display there is a *gross* understatement. I saw nothing there worth saving. Karl Popper was right. We can’t tolerate Nazism in the name of abstract principles of tolerance when it is intent on destroying tolerance and us along with it. It can’t be debated or reasoned with. These ideas and their means of spreading need to be systematically and continuously disrupted to the extent they cannot be fully eradicated.

  5. “His manifesto was just a big troll”

    He murdered 50 people for being Muslim he did not post an edgy meme, we are long past evaluating his seriousness you nutjobs

  6. In light of the NZ attack I wanna see what kind of excuses Fox News are gonna come up with now

  7. After seeing Senator Fraser Anning’s recent comments, even when they’re white its, “Blame Muslims”

  8. That’s why Ben Shapiro went to Twitter to talk about “don’t publicize him, don’t show his name/face/message.” Not because he fucking cares about victims, but because he wants to hide the perpetrator. If it had been reversed, and a Muslim was shooting up Christian churches, bet your fucking bottom dollar Ben would have been screeching from the treetops everything about the guy and his religion/ethnicity/motive.

  9. Also…

    Hispanic shooter: killed by police with 24 gunshots
    Arab shooter: killed by police with 36 gunshots
    Black shooter: killed by police with 195 gunshots
    White shooter: taken alive and to Burger King

  10. Fox News called BLM and March for Your Lives horrible things, but during their Charlottesville coverage they were like “let’s understand where they’re coming from”

  11. Well, it’s not like the 2nd largest terrorist attack in the US was caused by a white right-wing person or anything.

    [Reference](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oklahoma_City_bombing) for those that have forgotten or didn’t know.

  12. I bought my girlfriend Spyro Reignited for Christmas, should I be worried that it’s going to turn her into a killer? /s

  13. We can’t talk about his motives, because he wanted us to talk about his motives, and if we talk about them terrorist win. /s

  14. Spyro the dragon 3 made him an ethnonationalist. Also, want to talk about crime rates and demographics?

  15. Call it what it is, terrorism.

    Regardless of who does it, there is always a mental health problem.

  16. Fortunately, most of the things I’ve read on the New Zealand shooting have unapologetically called it a territorist attack. And that’s what it was.

  17. The biggest Reddit hate sub (T_D) is blaming the victims, and stand in solidarity with the shooter and the NZ politician that put out that shit press release. Pretty dark days when the owners are more frightened by these lonely, hateful, chickenshit incels than they are of getting it right, and banishing these dredges of society.

  18. My favourite part is how Trump rants on about these dangerous immigrant and Mexican gangs etc etc etc
    But ignores that fact that all the mass shooters have been white American men.

  19. It all comes down to seeing people as the “other.”

    That’s why domestic abuse is so rampant. People “understand” their family.

  20. What pisses me off is when most Western media refuses to label white terrorists as terrorists. If they’re Muslim, they apply the moniker immediately. If they’re white and/or Christian they call them “shooters”.
    So afraid to turn off white/Christian customers…

  21. Yaaaaaas innocent people were slaughtered but lets make it about race and white people ahaha Reddit lefties are fucking insane

  22. The New Zealand PM has called the CHCH attacks terrorism. We can call them right wing terrorists.

  23. The Right-Wing have always been Nazi, white supremacist wanna-be’s. Who really is surprised they pull this shit every time. The Right-Wing in Canada were doing mental gymnastics when that fucking white piece of shit shot up the Mosque in Quebec because he was so “scared” of other Canadians exercising their fucking freedom of religion. We all need to start treating these people like the animals they are. That’s how they treat virtually everyone else with the wrong “hue” of skin.

  24. *Guy literally has pro trump paraphernalia and shows far right beliefs*

    Must be the video games and mental illness, how they go so wrong?

  25. It hurts that people are joking about this when there’s people still bleeding from the attack. Here’s wishing the NZ authorities strength and clarity, and the survivors/families peace and healing.

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