44 thoughts on “I think we’ve already forgotten about it

  1. Rich people???? consequences?????? Hahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahaahahhahaahahhahaa……………… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just wonder who finds this to be news? Have they never thought about how the legacy system works? Do they think George W Bush got into Yale on scholastic merit? Really?

  3. That’s ludicrous, I mean look at how many got in trouble for the banking scandals that crashed the world economy in ’08 … *looks … ah shit, never mind.

  4. Because “The Rich” didnt do anything wrong. A few individuals did.

    I feel like pretty much everything wrong with todays political climate (and for much of history) can be boiled down to people generalizing the problems of a few into a whole category of people.

    Its the same attitude as racists or homophobics who assign the negatives of one individual to “all gay people” or “all black people” etc.

  5. Weren’t there arrests made and endorsements lost though? What other consequences do you want other than criminal prosecution and professional reputations/careers damaged?

  6. Kind of like the Panama Papers that HRC told us would lead to increased competition for American industry. Then they used it for tax avoidance like Bernie said.

  7. Hey now that’s not true. Some of them had to pay a bit more money to make this go away first…

  8. The best we can hope is that this serves as a warning to university administration that may have been enticed by future bribes

  9. Start voting for liberals, for Christ sakes. Things only change when we vote our the rich white party.

    This isn’t even That hard.

    Take the 1st Tuesday of November off and vote democrat all the way down.

    Send the message

  10. The only consequences they could face is people voting in a government that works for the people and not for the mega rich, but that’s easier said than done in this country.

  11. This is the realest part of Altered Carbon. For the ultra rich there are no consequences to anything!

  12. I’m not American but why the fuck aren’t you on the street to protest ? No wonder nothing will change if you stay at home tweeting.

    It’s not because a scandal is discovered that it will change the thing ffs.

    Go on the street, cut some head off, french style. At this moment rich will be afraid of you.

    If you don’t do anything the rich will still use their money for illegal thing because nobody stop them

  13. This is the equivalent to a teacher punishing the entire class for one asshat students actions.

  14. The thing that is really strange about this all to me is that there are lots of very good 4 year private liberal arts colleges in the USA who would have been glad to take these kids no problem. They are very good schools, that are very expensive, and if you are willing to pay and you have a high school certificate, you can get in. Ok, they are not Yale, but there certainly as good a public school in the California state system.

  15. Loughlin and Huffman are getting sued for 500+ billion for this scandal, they’ve gotten fired from everything, etc. this is literally news released today or yesterday.

    this post makes zero sense

  16. There are no consequences for Elizabeth Warren either, cue “Curb your enthusiasm” theme song.

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  18. What surprises me (if it doesn’t happen) is that it seems no current or former students are suing the school. If they turned a blind eye (which it sure seems) to cheating, I would argue (in a class action lawsuit) that they knowingly devalued my education, and owe me my tuition back. Now you get 1000 people to jump on that and it would HURT even a rich institution.

  19. There will be some sentences handed down, but not that many. In ‘08 the only guy who got in trouble was Bernie Madoff. The rule is, if you’re gonna do something illegal, don’t piss off someone more important than you. In Madoff’s case, he pissed off a ton of rich people. In this case, these cheaters are making Ivy Leagues look bad.

  20. Does it make me a bad person that I really don’t care that much about this scandal?

  21. Kind of like back when the panama papers came out and we found out that rich people were hoarding billions of dollars and not paying taxes on it just so they could get even more heinously rich and absolutely nothing happened….

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