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  1. I mean it would have to be someone else’s unborn baby earth and not there’s for them to care.

  2. I was about to make a joke about editing the bible to have it say respect the earth because God made it, but honestly unless something in the bible conforms to their already-held beliefs, christians pretend it doesn’t exist.

  3. >Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time,

    >for y’all have knocked her up.

    >I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe

    >I was not offended

    >For I knew I had to rise above it all

    >Or drown in my own shit

    Pollution is abortion, duh. Come on conservatives, you don’t want anything to happen to the baby, right?

  4. Nah. They don’t actually care about babies. They just know the unthinkers will vote for them if they say they do.

  5. See, the problem is with people who believe the end is coming anyway and we should only live our lives according to the book of Revelation and verses like ” ‘And the nations were angry; and Thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy servants the prophets, and to the saints and them that fear Thy name, small and great, and shouldest destroy them that destroy the earth.’ ” (Revelation 11:18)


    …..wait a minute…

  6. What if we said that Climate Change was going to put a marginal tax rate of 70% on income after 10 million dollars? I’m sure the conservatives would drop everything they’re doing to make this their top priority.

  7. Liberals should be able to then see the benefit of Nuclear power. If they cant see that, then their care for renewable is half hearted.

  8. They aren’t concerned about the families or the babies.
    They are more concerned how God and other Christian’s view them.

  9. Better yet, rename it “Oil”. Then they’ll even invade foreign countries to “rescue” it!

  10. Maybe, if science and not emotions controlled your politics, you’d realize that global warming/change is a load of bullshit and the fact that yoy support killing babies before they’re born is a real problem.

  11. Maybe if we start calling the invaders at the border nazis or Republicans the left will want to keep them out.

  12. What everyone needs to understand about Republican policy makers is that they believe in Global Warming. The issue is that their donors, (fossil fuel industries), tell them not to because their think tanks have found that’s the best strategy to disseminate and cause a rift in society. Don’t let them set up the goal posts. Just start discussing plans on how we can improve the future because if they’re not willing to talk science then we’re going to exclude them from the conversation about conservation.

  13. We can make Earth a corporation, Earth Inc, and it lobbies for less people farts and breath. It demands less methane heads and carbon capture or else it will call the Earth socialist as too much free air and resources are given to the people.

    Or call it Jesus’ left nut.

    How dare a conservative denigrate the corporation or God’s family jewels.

  14. Only if you can shove it up some unwilling woman & into her uterus. It’s got nothing to do with women having sex.

  15. I wish we could just stop politicising climate change as a whole. It’s harmful to all of us, and the planet

  16. who the fuck calls it “mother earth” i get it’s a joke but i have never heard that in my life

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