41 thoughts on “After hours and hours of Google searching…

  1. Its worse when you do find a post that states the same problem but has no replies and is 3 yrs old…

  2. Ha. All I ever find are threads where a solution is there clear as day, and all the other posters are thankful saying it worked for them, but then it doesn’t work for me.

  3. I found that a worse kind of answer is
    “I was trying to do X, but I found that I can just do ‘infinitely easier version of X that is not compatible with what you’re trying to do’ so it’s solved!” 😀

  4. This is honestly me right now. My MS store refuses to install things with error 80070005 and no fixes I can find have fixed it. And it’s happening a week after I reinstalled windows BECAUSE OF THIS ERROR.

  5. Or the other one, GitHub Issues getting automatically closed and LOCKED right before somebody posts the solution.


  6. This was only slightly funny the first time and seeing its for the thousandth time it’s getting annoying. I this sub full of bots or something? Who up votes this shit?

  7. That’s why whenever I am asking a question looking for something, I make sure to update with the answer to said question when and where I can. Gotta help out my homies in the future.

  8. It’s even worse if you do find that error but the answer is by some angry twat on stack overflow blasting the person that asked the question for being shit at programming but provides no solution to the problem in the end 🙂

  9. Just use jquery man, much easier.

    I’m the kind of person who’ll read/copy code from SO and then think to myself “surely this is too long and inefficient”. A never ending rabbit hole.

  10. Even though I’m not a programmer i can still relate because when your fucking video game keeps crashing and you have to go on a god damn crusade to find a thread that fixed the issue and posted the solution

  11. I was writing code for Access97 in the last century (just), using VB with embedded SQL. One of my lovely custom functions would only work once per session, then nothing. I asked for help on various fora, but in truth it was a bug. Job finished, moved on, never touched Access again.

    For at least the next 10 years, I’d get two or three emails a year “Did you ever find a way of working round that problem?”.

  12. At least with those, you know there is a solution. It’s the unanswered ones that haunt my nightmares.

  13. More than once I came across my own post asking for help years prior with no responses while trying to google a new solution to my problem.

  14. [Word cloud out of all the comments.](https://i.imgur.com/WNS2sMW.png)

    Fun bot to vizualize how conversations go on reddit. Enjoy

  15. There should be a disincentive for not posting the solution. Like the Internet can visit your house for the solution until you publish it online.

  16. Even worse are those answers from other that I should Google it… Where the heck I just came from?!?

  17. I feel like the only forum that is helpful is Cisco. Including a copy and paste of the longest config in history that you only need one line out of.

  18. All the times, when I search for a solution and found it as easy as eating a piece of cake, I can tell which level of expertise I am, from the the thread…

  19. Let’s all here celebrate and hail the guys who end their threads where no one provided any help by a “Figured it out, just in case it might be of interest for anyone some time in the future, here’s what went wrong, [proceeds with *a full 10 paragraph-long explanation with proper official doc references, grammar, and formatting with the occasional joke*].

    # Hail !

  20. Ya know I don’t get this issue that much. I feel like it was a problem at one point and people went on about it so much that all question askers are now aware of it and make sure to not do it

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