happy Pi day

Programmer Meme about happy Pi day

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32 Comments on “happy Pi day

  1. As a programmer and an engineer, I can confirm that both are true.

  2. Real programmers wouldn’t call a global variable pi it’s PI


  3. As an engineer, the entire month of March is π month.

  4. I prefer to use 180/57.3 because there’s 180 degrees in a radian.

    EDIT: Just to be clear this is both incorrect and silly.

  5. It’s what I’ve always liked about programming. Numbers? Nah I ain’t doing that crap, the computer knows so why should I?

  6. As a machinist, we regularly round 3.82 to 4, which is a bigger jump than pi to 3

  7. Three? It’s at least 4 after you apply the safety factor.

  8. Sometimes it’s 4 (in manhattan coordinates)

  9. Carpenter: “It’s actually 2.64″ wide even though it says 3.14″ on the sticker there…”

  10. What the heck is the formula on top

  11. The Patrick text is cutoff on my feed.. was wondering why everyone was hating on agile (Program Increment)

  12. What if you are a programmer that calculates put through summation gasp!!

  13. Astrophysicists pi = 1. In fact anything that is not a power of some sort is 1

  14. Engineer will call it 4 to account for safety factors.

  15. Physicist: Also Three… Good enough for government work.

  16. yo what episode of spongebob is that in the pic

  17. Bit there is no 14th month… fucking people writing the date 3/14/19 instead of the real 14/3/19

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