The proper way to store passwords

Programmer Meme about The proper way to store passwords

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15 Comments on “The proper way to store passwords

  1. Isn’t one supposed to salt before hashing ? (Genuine question)

  2. Why would I put salt on my plain text exel file smh

  3. Next the galaxy brain image with “plaintext” next to it.

  4. Can a Dr. Brown please research a new or improved hash implementation? Then nobody will forget the best way to store your ~~potato~~ password in a DB will be a salted brown hash.

    … and there’s a epic programmer dad joke in there somewhere when someone says “don’t you mean salted hash brown?” “You can’t put potatoes in a database, Jeff.”

  5. I’m one of those pesky college programmers who likes to pretend he knows what’s up, but I don’t get the salt. I recognize hashing (my prof didn’t make a big deal out of it…now I’m retaking the class. RIP GPA) but haven’t heard of salt.

  6. for PHP its not best practice anymore (thank lord)


  7. Reposted from [here]( because I thought it was funny and I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the sub.

    Edit: I phrased it badly. I meant to say that I couldn’t find it reposted anywhere else on the sub.

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