28 thoughts on “« The new Bloomberg cover is a work of art »

  1. Okay, question: is

    //earlier stuff
    .then(() => {

    valid syntax? If so, what does it mean? Is it passing a function or something?

  2. delay()
    .then(() => {
    speak(‘I AM SORRY’);

    Oh I shit, the Zucc 2.0 runs JavaScript? That would explain a lot.

  3. Honestly the most distrubing thing about this picture is the actual code. A switch with one case that returns null, ew.

  4. They’re not passing a value to the delay function! Are you telling me the dev who wrote Zuckerberg’s software was incompetent enough to presume all delay periods should be the same?

    Obviously someone in the lizard alien robot programming centre needs to implement some decent code review practices…

  5. Yeah as if Facebook is the only company that does it. They do it worse than most, but MOST businesses only claim to clear. If it helps their bottom line, they do it. If not, they’ll just make promises and move on hoping everyone forgets.

  6. >Facebook says it cares. Is that enough?

    A wise man once said that if a headline ends in a question mark, the answer is almost always “no”.

  7. Can a medical doctor please explain to me wtf is wrong with zuck’s face? He has some kind of syndrome, right?

  8. A while ago I wrote a chrome plugin that converts any instance of Zuckerberg on the page to Zuckerborg if anyone’s interested.


  9. The artist in me wants to either start crying in the fetal position or break the editor’s skull open with a 9-iron.

    Whoever made this cover should really be fired.

  10. Facebook is dumb and not worth he price of admission, privacy. DC And the general public are stupid for not valuing their privacy or understanding that violating your privacy is fundamental to Facebook’s business model and user aggreement.

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