margin-left: -16px;

Programmer Meme about margin-left: -16px;

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35 Comments on “margin-left: -16px;

  1. This is more like

    .screen {

    margin-left: -16px;

    overflow: hidden


  2. [Nice.](

  3. @ShermanLui is this namco Braintree? cause I work there

  4. How do people exist who would do this?

  5. Ah, I see you also went on the tour of Bethesda’s offices.

  6. me when I try to remove adds using ctrl+i on chrome

  7. At first I thought that was a real wall. Had to do kind of a double take.

  8. I mean, I use illustrator a lot and this works very well here too. Upvote from me.

  9. As someone that’s been dealing with CSS all night…thank you.

  10. Why isn’t it glowing red, you cant place that there

  11. Not a programmer, but this is my experience with Word all the time.

  12. And today’s winner of “not my fucking job” goes to…

  13. Is CSS “programming”?

    **Edit**: I’ll note that Wikipedia does not list CSS and being a programming language.

    **Edit 2**: To answer my own question, it seems that CSS can be used to create a program, but nobody would ever actually use it that way (except maybe as a joke) because it’d be far too burdensome. In almost every case, CSS is used for presentational proposes, rather than for the purpose of “designing and building an executable computer program for accomplishing a specific computing task.” ([Wiki]( Writing CSS thus fails to meet the definition of “programming,” except in extraordinary cases.

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