My experience with programming so far..

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  1. I was asked to audit code this week. I ended up auditting the vode, rewriting large parts of it and retraining the maintainers on standards. So much truth.

  2. Yeah 😄 especially when I’m asked to fix code after my colleagues who didn’t bother do a proper job first time around.

  3. This is so true.


    So earlier this week I was developing a WordPress plugin which uses the WooCommerce REST API.


    Except WooCommerce wouldn’t generate API keys properly, I can’t view them. Turns out this was caused by the main plugin file generating “unexpected characters”.

    This in turn was caused by me using <script> in the main plugin php file (using echo), because I needed to pass a PHP WordPress function/value onto javascript, to properly navigate the plugin directory to load a json file.

    To fix that, I had to find an alternate way of passing the PHP function/value onto javascript, which then fixed all the above.

    And the best part was I couldn’t find a single solution for the “unexpected characters” issue, so it took me 4 hours to narrow the problem down.

  4. And that’s just your own code. Better hope you never inherit an old application.

  5. I diagnose him with too much depth first search

  6. Waited for the light bulb to turn on when he tries to fix something else

  7. Youtube clip of it:

  8. “Hal, could you replace the lightbulb in the kitchen?”

    “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

  9. My house would blow up when I tried to flip the switch

  10. My boss: that button still has the wrong text in it, what have you been doing?!
    Me: …

  11. a function in a function in a function in a funct…. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE IM DOING HERE

  12. Ah, I remember my days as a maintenance developer. It’s like being an auto mechanic, finding a piece of baiing wire wrapped around the alternator of a car, and untwisting it because you have no idea why it’s there. Then you hear the clang as the rear axle falls off the vehicle.

  13. Yeah! [Shave that fucking yak](!

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