29 thoughts on “Married to a programmer

  1. Wife: “Can you get a loaf of bread? Oh, and while you’re there, also get eggs?”

    The programmer goes to the store and never leaves

  2. Shouldn’t you have 13 gallons? First is unconditional and the extra 12 is after verifying the eggs

  3. This gets reposed like it is the greatest programming joke ever and it doesn’t actually compile.

    Go to Store
    self.buy(milk, 1)
    self.buy(?, 6)

    If we apply the rules of English grammar, ? refers to eggs, NOT milk. If you apply rules of pseudocode, than we don’t know what ? is and this is nonsense. Either way, you can’t replace ? with milk.

  4. [*13 gallons of milk](https://repl.it/repls/ExternalMessyDimension)

    (in b4 using namespace std debate)

  5. Self Promotion: I made a CLI Meme Generator which automatically adds white space and text to the top of your original image, can automatically text-wrap, and can even take your intentional line breaks by doing \n

    **Recreating this meme with it:** Turns [this](https://i.imgur.com/H8cwtCW.jpg) to [this](https://i.imgur.com/qChqZEN.jpg) just by typing
    python -m dankcli “tom.jpg” “Wife: Go to the store and get a gallon of milk and if they have eggs get a dozen.nMe: Brings back 12 gallons of milknWife:”

    PyPi: https://pypi.org/project/dankcli/

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    Would love some feedback on further improvements and features

  6. This joke always pisses me off. That is not how programming works. The answer isn’t to get a dozen gallons of milk, it’s to say “get a dozen what?”

    Get(1, “milk”);

    if (hasEggs == true)




  7. Dim milkQty as integer

    milkQty = 1

    If store.HasEggs then
    milkQty = 12
    End if


  8. It’s called anaphora resolution and your algorithm is doing it wrong. Basically you should think of it like a stack of named entities mentioned in text (also mentioned via anaphoras or kataphoras) where you try to use the topmost (last) named entity in a place of a pronoun (or other expression that needs context) and if it does not fit grammatically or causes sentence to be semantically nonsense, then you backtrack to previous named entity and you repeat that process until you find fitting one. In English it is usually the last one, as only genders of mentioned persons may actually make a word not fit the pronoun, but in highly inflected languages like slavic ones you often need to go several named entities back. For that reason you really need to check also the semantics and any adverbs around the pronoun as it is often the way a reference to different named entity is introduced. Oh, and of course you need to somehow identify synonyms, as often anaphoras are worded not by pronouns but as repeating of the name or its synonyms (or some numeral like “the former one”).

    But the “fun” really starts if you have to parse a language without fixed word order.

  9. >Go to store
    >get 1 gallon of milk
    >If (they have eggs){
    get dozen gallons of milk

    Really, he should have 13 gallons.

  10. Is it possible to return with the number 12? A dozen what? Im an autistic programmer and I cant dress myself.

  11. This is exactly why U.S. companies stopped outsourcing overseas, because misinterpretation of the business requirements would result in things like this.

  12. Don’t teach your kidos logic. They’ll turn into lawyers or coders, or at worst, both. Either profession will have them constantly battle with the interpreter stating its results are crap, yet somehow make money off of it, and leave everyone else confused.

    Especially your wife who’s wondering why you just hauled 96lbs of milk into the house and no eggs.

  13. GotoStore();
    if(CheckInventory(itemEggs12).Count > 0)

    Diff Patch:

    > GetItem(1,itemMilk);
    < GetItem(12,itemMilk);

    > GetItem(1,itemEggs12);

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