15 thoughts on “My first electric guitar Starter Pack

  1. That Epiphone Les Paul Special II was actually a great knock around guitar back in the late 90s. Mine had perfect action, pretty hot pickups, and didn’t kill your shoulder.

  2. My first actual guitar was a shitty First Act guitar I smashed trying to be Jimi Hendrix, but my first electrics I got were my uncle’s ‘66 Tele and ‘84 Strat when he died. I should be playing that Tele way more than I should be though.

  3. Ha playing stairway does not seem like an easy thing to do for a beginner

    Also every fuckboi with an acoustic guitar plays wonderwall lol

  4. Just started playing guitar again after not playing for a few years. This is pretty accurate. Add sore fingers and YouTube lol

  5. thankfully only one of these is me. first guitar, washburn MG-20, bought off a coworker for $50

  6. My first guitar was a stupid silver Kramer with a warped neck, but my second one was a black Gibson ’76 reissue Explorer, but my THIRD on was a white Gibson ’84 reissue Explorer I got signed by James Hetfield in ’08…sold it cuz I was broke.

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