My first electric guitar Starter Pack

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15 Comments on “My first electric guitar Starter Pack

  1. I still rock that 15watt. Even though i’d probably get a better sound out of a microwave.

  2. That Epiphone Les Paul Special II was actually a great knock around guitar back in the late 90s. Mine had perfect action, pretty hot pickups, and didn’t kill your shoulder.

  3. Lefty edition: Only a few models available in your budget, still $50+ extra

  4. My first actual guitar was a shitty First Act guitar I smashed trying to be Jimi Hendrix, but my first electrics I got were my uncle’s ‘66 Tele and ‘84 Strat when he died. I should be playing that Tele way more than I should be though.

  5. Ha playing stairway does not seem like an easy thing to do for a beginner

    Also every fuckboi with an acoustic guitar plays wonderwall lol

  6. Just started playing guitar again after not playing for a few years. This is pretty accurate. Add sore fingers and YouTube lol

  7. My first amp was that exact behringer 15 watt

  8. thankfully only one of these is me. first guitar, washburn MG-20, bought off a coworker for $50

  9. My first guitar was a stupid silver Kramer with a warped neck, but my second one was a black Gibson ’76 reissue Explorer, but my THIRD on was a white Gibson ’84 reissue Explorer I got signed by James Hetfield in ’08…sold it cuz I was broke.

  10. *plays it outside and the girls come and wanna play with it*

    Feels good man

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