6 thoughts on ““I just met a celebrity” starter pack

  1. >”He was totally cool with taking a picture”


  2. The captions are fine but half the shot should have been badly framed and the “celebrity” sporting a resting bitch face or forced smile specially if the caption still is “He was so Friendly!”

  3. “Saw this guy walking down the back ally of my neighbor’s house. Nobody seemed to know who he was so I went up and said hey. Couldn’t be nicer, gave me his number told me we should chill sometime. I know he didn’t mean it but it was a nice gesture. What a legend”

    EDIT: changed all to ally

  4. What I hate is “OMG he was SO NICE!! Nicest guy ever!!” So he could hold it together and be cool for a few minutes of casual social interaction? That’s like the baseline for normal human behavior.

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