50 thoughts on “Die-hard gamer who only plays single player games starter pack.

  1. Shocked that the Witcher, Dark Souls, nor Final Fantasy are on here. Oh well can’t please everybody….

  2. While we’re talking about Fallout4, i can’t manage to immerse into the story, like idgaf about that kid.

  3. If you think I’m trying to go online and get killed by some 14 year old while he suggests I prefer the company of men, while simultaneously becoming more and more frustrated because I haven’t played some mmo long enough to be my good at it, you’re crazy.

    I’d much rather enjoy an emersive story or a game I can mod until it breaks.

  4. -plays at least one of these

    Op picks award winning single player games with huge fan bases.

  5. Okay but have you played Doom 2016?! That is the first game I have played as an adult that just absolutely wowed me with amazing game play, great skill trees, and great graphics.

  6. I mainly play single-player games now because the gaming community is generally a festering pile of shit

  7. Also the same person that screams and cries about Bethesda on r/gaming (while simultaneously having 100+ hours in Fallout 3, 4, Skyrim and Oblivion each)

  8. Wait why would someone who only plays single player games play on xbox? PS4 is the console with all the good single player exclusives.

  9. * Posts immensely popular games that sell incredibly well

    * Played at lease one of those games

    Crazy low-effort.

  10. Christ, hello gatekeeping, haven’t seen you in a few seconds

    What, not hardcore unless you’re banging out wins in Apex now?

  11. not sure why Xbox is listed on this. are “die-hard” single player enthusiasts exclusive to one console?

    i play single player games 95% of the time because I can’t stand multiplayer anymore, and I go between my Switch, PS4, and PC quite frequently

  12. This is super vague. I know people who aren’t hardcore gamers that have played those games

  13. This dude was also raised Zelda and has been disappointed in every Zelda game after twilight princess.

  14. I wouldn’t say diehard more like casual. All of these games can be played without even paying attention to the screen and then suddenly you’ve spent 5000 hours. If that’s what you consider diehard then sure.

  15. Far cry five is multiplayer xbox doesn’t only have single player games and the ps4 vs xbox thing is gay and the Tom Clancy series has one multiplayer game so you should be more specific

  16. Do you need a playstation plus account to play ghost recon, division, or rainbow six? I don’t play multiplayer

  17. Everyone here complaining about Witcher games not being included, where’s my truck simulators??

  18. There’s a lot more ps4 single-player games nowadays I play all these but doom that is my fucking favorite

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