Shit you bought on vacation and haven’t used since starter pack.

Starterpack Meme about Shit you bought on vacation and haven't used since starter pack.

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19 Comments on “Shit you bought on vacation and haven’t used since starter pack.

  1. Does any of this stuff have a “use”? How are you using a magnet or keychain other than putting on your fridge or keys?

  2. How the fuck am I suppose to use a sea shell or babushka dolls, shove it up my ass?

  3. Don’t forget t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and hats with the name of the resort/theme park/city on them.

  4. This is why I only get stickers or bottle openers.

  5. yo don’t hate on fridge magnets. I buy fridge magnets from any city visit and put em on my fridge. my goal is to one day have my whole fridge covered.

    I do have some requirements tho, magnet must be rectangular and display the name of the city. also has to showcase some sort of view of it.

  6. I usually buy statues from every place I go, like of the main landmark and put it on my dresser, and then I’ll get a keychain for my keys

  7. A can of bug spray from every single trip

  8. Used to date a girl that collected snow globes. I bought so fucking many snow globes for her, I dropped close to $80 on one for our anniversary. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to them since we broke up. Every now and then when I’m at the local good will I peruse the shelfs wondering if maybe I’ll come across one.

  9. I have the exact same babushka dolls lmao

  10. My family buys Xmas tree ornaments from places we visit on vacation. It’s always fun re-living the memories of the trips every year when we decorate the tree.

  11. mugs are the god-tier souvenir, super useful and help put me in a good mood in the morning

  12. i got my sister a snowglobe from chicago and she still hasn’t broken it

  13. I went to the museum of modern art in new york and got this nifty little metal keychain that had a ball bearing rotaty thing in the centre. The writing on the outside of the ring has since worn away, the metal has tarnished, the ball bearings and the rotaty thing fell out a while ago and now it serves as a nifty way to spin my keys in a circle.

  14. I bought my very first bottle opener in 7th grade when I went to DC. Shit cost me $10 and I haven’t used it since I bought it.

  15. Magnets are cheap and small. They commemorate an event or place I liked but are not snow globe. I have a big family, so the magnets hold up the piles of Christmas cards, wedding invitations, and other cards my husband and I get.

  16. When my toddler nephew comes over to my house his favorite toys are ladies (nesting dolls), shoes (tiny novelty clogs), and neighs (wooden horses from Sweden). I love seeing him try to put the shoes on his feet and the horses’ and matching the tops and bottoms of the dolls while I get to remember the special places I got them.

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