28 thoughts on “Pro bodybuilder “Day in the life” video starter pack

  1. House is huge and extremely clean / tidy; doesnt even seem like someone lives there.

    Dude is late 20s / early 30s but looks ten years older.

    Extremely image obsessed. Drives a brand new high end truck or car. Clothes are all brand name.

    Only wears athletic gear, even when not at the gym.

    Fridge must have a flat of bottled water, eggs, chicken breast, and lean ground beef / turkey; nothing else.

    Goes to grocery store and buys everything in bulk.

    Hair is either extremely short and well maintained, or completely buzzed off to hide his male pattern baldness due to years of steroid abuse.

    Dude shows no positive emotion. Is extremely stoic / quiet / on edge, and sometimes seems quietly pissed off. Never jokes around or smiles.

    Always wears high top sneakers with open/ lose laces.

    Has one drawer somewhere in the house full of cookies, chocolate bars, etc. to have during his cheat meal.

  2. Dudes like this get a bad rap. There are some jacked body builders in my gym that are amazingly nice and always offering to spot me if I need it. I understand the dudes on YouTube vids being douches though. YouTube and douche hosts seem to go hand and hand

  3. There’s also the part where they’re jobless and call other people lazy for not making it to gym

  4. How can you bulk and be on adderall at the same time? That shit makes me go like 15 hours without eating.

  5. This is great. Only thing I would add are pics of their (roided out) idols, and maybe one of those gym shows where they wear those hilariously tiny trunks and a spray tan so heavy it looks like blackface.

  6. Lifting weights just isnt fun. Going 5-6 times a weeks, buying the pre workout and protein powder gets insanely expensive. Its an incredibly tedious existence and I just asked myself, “why am I doing this?” Now I just jog briskly for an hr a few times a week. Feels ten times more invigorating.

    I think alot of people who go over the top to perfect their physique are often compensating for other short comings.

    EDIT: people saying they dont like cardio, really mean “I cant do it.”

  7. Based on watching videos of these guys at home I’m pretty sure the roid rage is just a symptom of working out for 6 hours a day and getting 2 hours of sleep due to the prescription stimulants, preworkout shakes, and steroid night sweats.

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