Highschool bully after graduation guide (female edition)

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18 Comments on “Highschool bully after graduation guide (female edition)

  1. I am absolutely KICKING myself that I didn’t think to include an MLM until after I uploaded this

  2. I know somebody like this. It kinda sucks that we’re in the same teaching class

  3. Always named Brittani or Christine or something to that like.

  4. I know a girl I used to go to know, and she was what we could call a bully. It’s like a mirror image.

  5. Nursing?!?! Teaching?!?!

    How horrifying!!!

  6. Give the girl credit – that messy bun is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. They usually have a really trashy name that matches their personality

  8. Those horrible teachers and nurses. Fucking losers.

  9. why you still salty your bully aint thinkin about you rn

  10. “You bullied me in High School and now I hope the rest of your life sucks wah wah”

    Y’all love to see people fail like no other on reddit. I hope this person changes and goes on to be a better person.

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