16 thoughts on “r/comedycemetery guide- This is all the sub has been lately

  1. i almost downvoted this post but then i realized that it is on comedycemetery and that got a chuckle out of me but then i also realized that the template was a few minutes old and wow it isnt that bad haha

  2. Sarcastic bro hasn’t been there for a long time. Those were the glory days, now its just reposts

  3. >visit r/ComedyCemetery

    >see some posts


    >go back to r/ComedyCemetery

    >see the same posts


  4. I went back for the first time in a while lately and theres a noticeable lack of sarcastic bro/rdj/indian facebook stuff

  5. Man r/comedycemetery used to be one of my favourite subs, it’s a shame how much it sucks now. I miss the glory days of deciphering the weed bro lore and the funwaa/gumwaa wars. That place really did have a sense of community to it.

    My theory why subs like that go to shit is the subreddit as hashtag effect. Like there would be a lame ass post on r/funny and someone would go comment “lmao r/comedycemetery” in the comments and it would expose a bunch of people who thought they got the point but really didn’t to the sub. The exact same thing happened with r/bonehurtingjuice and now r/okbuddyretard.

    I honestly think that approved posters is the only way to maintain quality to it. That’s what r/dogelore is doing and it’s working great so far. Reddit really is better when the subs are smaller.

    I’m legit getting kind of sad remembering comedy cemetery lmao

  6. Lower right looks like vyond/ goanimate.

    Such a waste that people use it for grounded videos instead of actual funny animation.

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