The “I don’t get cold in winter” Starter Pack

Starterpack Meme about The “I don’t get cold in winter” Starter Pack

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23 Comments on “The “I don’t get cold in winter” Starter Pack

  1. I drink iced coffee year round because it’s so much more refreshing to me.

  2. Nobody:

    This guy: Dude, I’m not cold, I’m used to it!

  3. Try that in Calgary, fat or not you are going to get hypothermia.

  4. Reminds me of [this](

  5. I’m this guy, it’s not that I don’t get cold, it’s that I *enjoy* being cold usually. It gives me a rush. I’ve caught shit from people because they think I’m trying to look tough, I’m not honestly

  6. Looks like what your GTA guy wears to that Tech Job

  7. I’m pretty sure when you run out of things to brag about, you become the “Cold doesn’t effect me” guy.

  8. The iced coffee needs to have a styrofoam cup on the outside

  9. Probably wears flip flops too. I think there is a Bill Burr bit where he calls out a guy wearing shorts and flip flops in the winter.

  10. They’re definitely obese too, wear high top white socks that can barely fit around their cankles

  11. I wear shorts because for some reason I’m just really uncomfortable in long pants I don’t brag about it but you do get used to it

  12. Usually this is me but we got the polar vortex this year

    -55 is cold to everybody

  13. I want to point out that I only see fat people dressed up like this I the winter.

  14. Every single goddamned starter pack I look at has a Dunkin donuts iced coffee.

    Tbh this is the second one I’ve seen so…

  15. >I’m in this picture and I don’t like it

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