16 thoughts on “The 7th Grader Who Just Discovered Atheism Starter Pack

  1. r/atheism’s popular posts pretty much “haha DAE religion bad, Catholic Church rape”

  2. Holy shit it’s insanely hard to believe that some grown adults are like this in the current year

  3. I used to watch NonStampCollector and take everything he said as gospel, until I found some actual (secular) Biblical scholars that can actually explain what the Bible says instead of just “DURR TAKE WHAT BIBLE SAY AT FACE VALUE RELIGION BAD ATHEISM GOOD DURR”. I cringe everytime I watch some of his videos now.

  4. Ah, youth, before you discover that you can change your mind, but not the minds of others.

  5. This was me in middle school… but my parents were fully supportive and told me I can believe or not believe whatever I want. Solid parenting, but it definitely took away a lot of the “fun” I was expecting.

  6. Related essay that made me far more sympathetic to these kinds of people: [All debates are bravery debates](https://slatestarcodex.com/2013/06/09/all-debates-are-bravery-debates/)

  7. For some reason YouTube thought I was an atheist so they recommended that weird fucking channel on the bottom right

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