20 thoughts on “That girl at your school that is obsessed with Harley Davidson

  1. My heart goes out to lori. She had dreams. But yet she gave it up to raise little Brianna. Unfortunately she follows right into Lori’s footsteps.

  2. How tf are these so universal. Like what do you even google search to find someone’s whose face looks like that?

  3. They’re either stupidly nice or always threatening to fight chicks who get on their nerves.

    Although in fairness, they usually threaten to fight chicks that get on everyone else’s nerves too.

  4. What is it about Briannas that seem so tacky? I’ve never understood why that name attracts trashiness?

  5. Cody sports the pinnacle of white trash facial hair:. The chinstrap beard AKA The dishonest Abe.

    Have you ever met anyone who has one that doesn’t smell like stale cigarettes?

  6. Where I’m from, this also applies to moms in their 30s and 40s who go out to the bar on the weekend to get hammered and meet some biker guy, and leave their teens at home where they occasionally throw parties with mom’s pantry liquor collection.

    Oddly specific but I know a few.

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