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27 Comments on “The Popular Christian Guy guide

  1. Probably wears some kind of bracelet or other jewelry

  2. >plays guitar for church

    Only knows four, maybe five chords.

  3. Usually a nice guy who really does try to live a wholesome, Christ-centered life, but harbors an intense guilt over his struggles with some vice, usually a sex addiction. Is hipster/yupster (albeit a more toned-down, slightly behind the times version) in appearance and a lot of consumer tastes, but is typically not himself creative or artistic. He’s intrigued by artsy, bohemianish, non-Christian girls, but ultimately settles down with an equally-as-Christian platinum blonde former pageant girl who sells medical devices. But you know he still thinks about that artsy, bohemianish non-Christian girl by the way he still locks eyes and looks at her whenever they run into each other.

  4. Hates all fast food but absolutely worships chick-fil-a

  5. The difference between him and the one that I can’t stand to be around is he’s religious but doesn’t shove it down other people’s throats. I am all for you having your religion if it makes you happy and feel fulfilled, but don’t tell me I need it because I am doing fine without it. 10/10 guy to be hang around though!

  6. /r/starterpacks should make a snoo with a manbun holding a starbucks – the two most included things in starterpacks.

  7. /r/wholesome

    Sounds like a pretty good dude

  8. > has a large group of friends and probably a girlfriend

    Man I should really switch religions…

  9. This was my roommate in college and he honestly was a pretty great guy. Never swore and super respectful.

  10. How-you



    god’s son

    and have a

    man bun?

  11. Their always super hecking guys aswell. Compared to those old school ones that hate everyone who is different.

  12. Sounds like my buddy John. One of the few religious people I tolerate

  13. How do I hate this guy and yet also want to be him

  14. This is soooooo true, they’re usually the Bible study leaders or something similar

  15. Some of them are genuine good guys, but some of them are the most smug people you will ever meet.

  16. Very comfortable talking to other girls in church but, this guy always has a fairly beautiful girlfriend for some reason isn’t around him as much as you’d expect

  17. i know someone like this only he doesn’t carry a bible and he doesn’t have a man bun or beard…

  18. But does he fuck his girlfriend the way she wants? Any sex at all for that matter? Anal?

  19. Gets pissed off when you present logic and reason.

    Uses emotions instead of critical thinking to explain life.

  20. Was “on the road to hell” when he was in college and got his girlfriend pregnant and they almost got an abortion

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