7 thoughts on “The kitchens of people that live in gated communities starter pack

  1. Granite or marble only? Don’t you have a rustic butcher block near the champagne valley?

  2. lmao, nah thats thoroughly middle class. Actual Gated communities have built in fridges.

    ABSOLUTELY NO hanging pots (My god, the ambiance of a poor person and their labor in our house!??!?)

    Everyone can afford Granite or Marble nowadays.

  3. When you have a meal there and they make something that takes ages to make, looks really fancy, but is not filling at all

  4. Stemless wine glasses because them moms is so Day drunk they break their glasses
    I am married to one
    Next stop boxed wine

  5. I have a few of these things, and pretty much everything on here I don’t have I aspire to own it someday lol

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