19 thoughts on “Politically moderate person starter pack

  1. Look out, OP. Someone’s bound to come in here and lay a sick burn on you for being le eNLigHtEned CEnTriSt.

  2. I had to learn to stop getting into political arguments on Facebook. I was just embarrassing myself

  3. Getting your news from BBC, AP, and Reuters? I only get my news from good old reliable Reddit that has never ever ever gotten things wrong and is full of experts who never lie about their knowledge, you corporate shill.

  4. Most of the people I know who call theirselves moderate are socially liberal but are trying to be subtle about it. They have little understanding of economic stuff other than that they don’t really like how stuff is going with capitalism, but they also thing that communism is not the answer either. They think the richest are too fucking rich but don’t really know what to do to get them to pay their damn share of taxes.

    As they get older they start to distance theirselves from friends who are proving to be more needlessly hateful than they like, and mostly just try to follow the “we need to all just be nicer to each other” concept but don’t really have the charisma to get others to follow suit.

    They avoid talking politics until they’ve screened someone for a long time for similar views because they’re afraid of being shuffled into the “crazy liberal harpy” stereotype.

  5. That’s the way to go. It means you think for yourself rather than blindly obeying the party. “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”-George S. Patton

  6. Doesn’t do anything, doesn’t see the need for improvement, is the problem with society.

  7. Thinks they’re centrist but are invariably capitalists with barely covered racial bias.

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