24 thoughts on “STEM major that secretly wishes they were a music major

  1. Very accurate.

    Worst part is probably that you see these “true” Engineer and Dev types in your class, ya know those that live and breathe tech/coding 24/7, and you just feel inferior for not being as devoted and enthusiastic about your classes (as they are).

    I used to be that student. Play guitar, build amps and pedals, been coding since I was a teen. Studied Engineering, but couldn’t really immerse myself into the classes as much as the top students, because I had my other hobbies to also focus on.

    Makes you feel like a dilettante

  2. Fuck right off I am studying computer engineering, want to study music, and have a white strat exactly like that one. I also played the violin/viola when I was little!

  3. Lol your close homie, just gotta add a bit of crippling depression, a drinking problem, and failing out by the end of junior year

  4. You’re missing the college marching band uni, all the saved programs from the local college ensembles, and an occasional coffee date with one or more of the directors.

  5. Yo, it’s common courtesy to warn someone before you assult their character. It’s finals week, how am I supposed to take tests when the real question is am I even in the right place?

    But honestly, swap the violin with a sax, and I woulda thought this was a targeted ad.

  6. Can’t you see I’m trying I don’t even like it I just lied to get to your apartment now I’m staying there just for a while I can’t think cause I’m just way too tired

    Is this it?
    Is this it?
    Is this? It?

  7. I have never met this person in my life, and yet I now know them better than all of my neighbors and several family members.

  8. This is more like: “Falling into parental pressure and not following your dreams” starter-pack

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