18 thoughts on “The “redditor realises he said something dumb” starter pack

  1. I’ve found that even if you do admit to being wrong you still just get downvoted regardless. I’d rather just delete the comment and pretend it never happened.

  2. I feel bad that I too have fallen victim to one of the classic blunders and taken the same actions lol

  3. We all have a dumb bitch moment. We just have to regret it as normal, and accept that we were a dumb bitch, and to try to not have a dumb bitch moment ever again.

  4. r/WOW r/kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!! 😂😂👀 “Wooosh” r/means you didn’t r/get the r/joke, as in the r/sound r/made when the r/joke “woooshes” over your r/head. I r/bet you’re too r/stupid to r/get it, r/IDIOT!! 😤😤😂 r/My r/joke was so r/thoughtfully r/crafted and r/took me a r/total of r/3 r/minutes, you r/SHOULD be r/laughing. 🤬 r/What’s that? My r/joke is r/bad? I r/think that’s r/just r/because you r/failed. I r/outsmarted you, r/nitwit.🤭 In r/conclusion, I am r/posting r/this to the r/community known as “R/Wooooosh” to r/claim my r/internet r/points in your r/embarrassment 😏. r/Imbecile. The r/Germans refer to this r/action as r/Schadenfreude, which r/means r/harm-joy 😬😲. r/WOW! 🤪 Another r/reference I r/had to r/explain to r/you. 🤦‍♂️🤭 I am going to r/cease this r/conversation for I do r/not r/converse with r/simple r/minded r/persons.😏😂

  5. See the problem to me is that even if it legitimately was joke when I say that the replies are always “uh huh, sure”

  6. -makes a condescending argument about a topic

    – is provided proof that they are wrong

    – never responds and acts like it didn’t happen

  7. I just ingore it because once it gets buried by all the billions of other content,
    no one will ever see it again except my FBI man and Mr Zuckerberg as he reads it to his children to help them fall asleep

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